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 The Dark Knight Rises:
Surely to be the most purchased Blu-Ray to show up in stockings this Christmas, The Dark Knight Rises, is the most grandiose, complete, and satisfying end to any trilogy I can think of (aside from Return of the Jedi, of course). To say this is a buy would be a serious understatement so I'll just skip to the important part. You can get the entire Christopher Nolan Batman saga for $27.00 that's 43% off RIGHT NOW through our Amazon site (click the link above). Hmmph, and you thought the good deals ended after Cyber Monday.


Beasts of the Southern Wild:
Simply put this is an amazing story with some truly standout performances by two first time actors that will, without a doubt, be spoken of quite frequently in the coming months leading to the Oscars.
A workout for your emotions on a wide level there aren't many movies that will touch you the way this will. While I will say that re-watchability will depend on the viewer, this is a movie that must be seen AT LEAST once.


The horror anthology is back in a big way with V/H/S. Some of my fondest memories of the horror genre come from anthology films like Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, but sadly this format of story telling has been all but absent from theaters in the past twenty years. This film brings it back by telling you four stories tied together nicely with one overarching story line. I will be buying this film without a doubt but for most it will be a rental. A lot of the film's merit comes from the unexpected, so while it will be a good Halloween night watch , it will loose a bit of luster once you know what's coming.


Hope Springs:
What happens when you take two of Hollywood's longest working, most beloved stars and pit them opposite each other in a romantic comedy? Well....in this case you get something that would have been better off not happening at all. Hope Springs has a lot of things going for it in terms of a marquee and movie poster that will have appeal...sadly there's nothing in terms of a movie that has appeal. That's not an age thing either, I loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but this film doesn't even offer anything for the Matlock and Metamucil set.


Premiering on Blu-Ray this Week:

Finding Nemo