New writer hired for a 'Salt' sequel, but does anybody care?

Columbia Pictures has been trying to get the ball rolling on a sequel to Salt for a couple of years now with spotty results. Angelina Jolie led the espionage thriller to a nearly $300M haul, and what was thought to be a sure-fire franchise starter. But director Philip Noyce dropped out of the follow-up pretty quickly, and Jolie wasn't all that fond of original scribe Kurt Whimmer's sequel script.

Since nobody pays to see Whimmer, he was let go and a year-long search for a new writer was begun. In an attempt to keep Jolie happy, Becky Johnston has been hired to pen a new draft, continuing the adventures of the titular double agent. Johnston's had a long but mixed run, writing the dead awful script for Prince's Under the Cherry Moon, but also earning an Academy Award nomination for The Prince of Tides. She most recently wrote Arthur Newman, which features Emily Blunt and Colin Firth among others. If things work out here, we'll probably start hearing about the search to find a new director. Perhaps Jolie will tackle the job herself?

I can't think of a good reason for a sequel, and the film has been all but forgotten in a relatively short amount of time. [THR]