New image from Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'

Pacific Rim already has a lot of people anxious to see Guillermo Del Toro's first film in more than seven years, but for me the real reason to get excited is the increased exposure for Rinko Kikuchi. She first came to our attention here with her Oscar-nominated performance in Babel, and she's been pretty great in nearly everything since, from The Brothers Bloom to the surprisingly strong Sideways remake.  But this is her shot at a major blockbuster, and at least in this newly released photo it looks like she'll be going toe-to-toe with more than just giant monsters.

Kikuchi plays Mako Mori, an untested Jaeger pilot and part of an international human resistance against the invading Kaiju. Charlie Hunnam plays her partner, who form a neural bridge with one another to control a legendary robot into the fighting. Idris Elba's looking kinda bureaucratic in this photo, but we know from previous shots that he'll be suiting up and getting into the action himself.

Pacific Rim arrives in 3D and IMAX on July 12th 2013.[TLMG]