More Malkovich in the latest 'Warm Bodies' trailer

Jonathan Levine(50/50) is usually pretty good at blending genres that don't necessarily go together, but the first trailer for Warm Bodies was a tonal nightmare. It's possible that Levine tried to show us too much in an effort to appeal to everyone this film could possibly reach, such as the Twilight crowd, the horror crowd, and those familiar with the director's previous comedies. A new minute-long trailer has a much tighter focus, and a lot more John Malkovich, which is always a good thing.

Malkovich plays General Gigio, who really doesn't want his daughter Julia(Teresa Palmer) to be dating a zombie named R(Nicholas Hoult), even though he's different from other zombies. R has feelings, and it's discovered that love may be strong enough to change zombies back to normal.  This trailer has less of the whole star-crossed lovers angle, which didn't really work last time, and goes in for the horror-comedy route. They should quickly remove the other trailer from theaters and replace it with this one.

Warm Bodies will warm your heart and eat your brains on February 1st 2013....