Kieran Darcy-Smith lines up Oscar Isaac and Max Minghella for 'Memorial Day'

As the Aussie invasion continues with the likes of Joel and Nash Edgerton, David Michod, and Ben Mendelsohn making big waves in Hollywood, Kieran Darcy-Smith is following right behind. His vacation thriller Wish You Were Here was a hit on the festival circuit, and with Joel Edgerton starring it's set to get a 2013 push to capitalize on his presence in Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby. Darcy-Smith has a few other projects perculating on the kettle, including writing a sequel script for the awesome Tomorrow, When the War Began.

One film that we learned about last year, and figured would be his next directorial effort, has just taken a big step forward. Deadline reports that 10 Years alums Oscar Isaac and Max Minghella have signed on to star in Memorial Day, a family crime-drama which follows "two brothers -- one out of his depth in a hard world he doesn't understand, the other recently returned from a period of self-imposed exile -- struggle to redress the fallout from a past family tragedy."  

Financing is apparently being firmed up, and will be finalized once a critical third role has been cast. Once that's done, the aim is to begin shooting in Florida next year.