'Django Unchained' officially 2hrs and 45 minutes

It looked for awhile like Quentin Tarantino's slavery-era western Django Unchained was going to run at over three hours in length, and that was the word that got around after some of the early showings of it. But we'd also heard that there was still a lot of tinkering left to be done, and that the final result could be less. Or, presumably more if that's what Tarantino wanted.

Well, that's not what he wanted, as he said during THR's director roundtable a few days ago. And with reports of the editing process really coming down to the wire in preparation for this weekend's press screenings, it's been revealed by Exhibitor Relations that the locked and final runtime is 2 hours 45mins and 11secs.

So pack a lunch, and be sure to go to the bathroom before the show starts. I'll be curious to know what got cut out from what was shown previously. Maybe some stuff featuring all of those actors who have dropped out? Django Unchained rides into town on Christmas Day.