'Anchorman 2' may add Kristen Wiig as Steve Carell's love interest

While Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are still firming up the script for Anchorman: The Legend Continues, the start of production is rapidly approaching. Despite all of the info McKay has revealed, nothing seems to be all that concrete, and as things stand right now only the principle cast has been locked to return. But this is Anchorman we're talking about here, so we knew some big additions had to be on the way.

The Wrap reports that Kristen Wiig is being eyed for a role in the comedy sequel, but before you think she'll be part of some love triangle between Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone(Christina Applegate), it's not that at all. Instead, Wiig would play a love interest to Brick Tamland, the dim-witted weatherman played by Steve Carell. Is it that bad that I already want a rom-com spinoff of their characters?

The site also makes mention of an October 2013 release date, which is the first I'm hearing about. Not sure how concrete that is, or if it's just speculation. We knew they were hoping for late next year, possibly Christmas, or if things got bumped back maybe even next summer.