2012's Top 10 Most Villainous Moments

Read this top ten at your own risk so that you do not make me your number one movie villain of the year because you got spoiled! I warned you! : shakes fist:

10.) Giovanni Ribisi’s Tim Briggs explanation for his thuggery in Contraband
One of the things that made Contraband a surprisingly good heist movie this year was its performances and one of the standouts was Giovanni Ribisi and his talk with about why he needs what he needs. It one thing for a hard core ex-con to sound tough and want money for things or just to be bad but for to explicitly say “I gawt bills” made him relatable on a regular joe level and dangerous at the same time. While he was funny and ended up nothing more than the number one goon in a cartoon for Mark Walberg to beat on he was still entertaining and a real threat to all the other characters in the movie.

9.) Turbo’s reveal in Wreck-It Ralph
Man no other character bothered me or annoyed me more than King Candy and his perfectly cheerful old man foolish voice. His ease at manipulating Ralph to get rid of Vanelope ‘s car was annoying but then then the movie opened up a fantastic heel  turn once his mask came off to show he was the legendary Turbo, hater extraordinaire! It really helps to ratcheted up the threat of the last act and was pulled off as a nice little surprise for that one piece of what felt like a random tidbit of information always talked about by characters in the movie.

8.) Silver Lion numerous moments of appearing more prettified in The Man with the Iron Fists
The Man with the Iron Fists wasn’t a perfect movie or even a perfect Kung Fu film but it does have some really entertaining parts and characters. Bryon Mann’s Silver Lion lights up the screen every time he’s on it with his pure enjoyment of being completely bad and for some reason every time he appears his costume gets more and more outlandish. Silver Lion starts out as some regular looking Kung Fu movie bad guy into the kung fu version of Prince. Silver Lion is so fly by the end you wish he was bad guy that everyone had to fight just to see him ham it up with all that crazy get up and make up on.

7.) Andrew killing Steve in Chronicle
Chronicle was a surprisingly great film about teens gaining superpowers and was a great use of found footage technique of telling the story. Unlike some of the other choices on this list this is the act that actually makes a character a villain. Steve trying to help Andrew with whatever is bothering him and Andrew’s continued lashing out is one of the things in the film that felt very Akira-like to me. Andrew is very much like Tetsuo and doesn’t yet know how to control his abilities. It sucks to see Steve die but seeing Andrew go over the edge throughout the rest of the movie is worth it.

6.) Jean Claude Van Damme spin-kicking a knife into Rookie in The Expendables 2
First of all JCVD deserves to be on this life because his character’s name is Jean Vilain alone makes him Top 10 material of almost anything. His name is VILAIN! Then on top of all that when he makes himself a real threat to the team he takes out the newbie but in such a way that make you cringe and cheer at the same time. He doesn’t just stab the kid in the heart he has to freaking JCVD jump spin kick the knife into the man’s chest. It was one of the coldest things this year and makes The Expendables 2 worth seeing alone.

5.) Loki killing agent Coulson in The Avengers
There are a lot of things people like about The Avengers like Hulk anything or RDJ being himself and continuing the trend of making Iron Man cool. But the one thing I like is that in some ways The Avengers is like a continuation of the Thor movie. With Agent Coulson being in most of the Marvel movies but being pretty important in Thor and having a relationship with the demigod. So it was coldblooded for Loki to take such pleasure in killing Coulson in front of his brother who he trapped in his old cell. Coulson went out hard though but hey Loki had to be mister uber-bad guy. Tom Hiddleson deserves a high five for that scene alone.

4.) David the Android infesting Charlie with the weapon sludge in Prometheus
See here this might be the most messed up out of all others on this list. See it seemed that since Charlie treated David so poorly in the movie that good old David who you’re made to think has no emotions looks like he’s getting some get back for the little bit of bullying he’s received since waking up all the humans. But man what a get back it is. Clearly that black silver goo isn’t good by what happens to nerd guy and punk rock guy so seeing this stuff go in his drink is the worst. Just think about what came from that little bit of revenge huge body hugger thing and xenomorph thing. Worst get back ever.

3.) Mad Dog killing Sgt. Jaka in The Raid: Redemption
See they try to prepare you for just how raw Mad Dog is earlier in the movie even at a point where you’ve seen some pretty brutal stuff happen already. Then you see this guy and the fact that he prefers to have it be a tough kill sets the whole mood for the scene and you just know that good old Jaka is done for just when you thought you were getting him back into the action. Mad Dog’s easy and brutal butt kicking of Jaka that leads into his pretty nonchalant way of killing him all with his bare hands lets you know that it’s him who’s the big bad of the movie and not the boss he works for. This shows that Mad Dog lives up to his name.

2.) Raoul Silva first meets Bond in Skyfall
Man this guy Bardem takes portraying a villain to a whole new level each time. Only this guy can have two classic villain characters in such a short time. The way he just walks into the room and the way he chooses to engage with Bond is a treat and at the same time pretty terrifying.  Silva is so comfortable that he’s winning that even you in the audience feel like well dang Bond might be done this time. Silva is also so pale; he’s like a white ghost haunting M and MI6. Also his sexual advances to Bond were crazy!

1.) Bane’s final talk with Daggett in The Dark Knight Rises
There are a lot of great moments in this film, especially with the main villain Bane but this one here is the one that stuck with me the most. It’s the one I quote the most and it’s the one that think cuts to core of the character no matter what version you’re familiar with. After Daggett bursts into the room demanding thing from Bane and Bane puts his open hand softly on oh his shoulder and tells him “You think money has power of me.” It’s almost like you can feel his hand on your shoulder and that this dude Bane is on level 11 of a 10 level scale of Rawness.