1st teaser for 'The Monkey King' with Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat

The Chinese legend of the Monkey King will be well-represented next year as there are two rival films due in just a few months. Barely two weeks ago we caught the first footage from Stephen Chow's Journey to the West, probably the film that has the most eyes on it right now. But also competing for attention is The Monkey King, which stars the martial arts great,  Donnie Yen(Ip Man).

The first teaser for The Monkey King has been released, and while it's a little hard to tell what the heck is going on, thanks in part to the incredibly bad English narration, there's no denying it's one gorgeous piece of work. Shot in IMAX 3D and said to include over 2600 special effects shots(!!!!), it's the most expensive Hong Kong film ever made costing roughly 400 million yuan, which is roughly $65M. But that money also lured in a number of Hong Kong's top stars, including Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok, Joe Chen, and Kelly Chen.

Cheang Pou-soi(Dog Bite Dog) is directing the big budget spectacle, and while it once had a release date set for July 2013, that appears less concrete now....