Three cool unused posters for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

As we get closer to some of the individual cities and affiliate groups putting together their awards ballots, studios have begun the hype for the films they want us to consider. Warner Bros. has been going full tilt in their love for Argo, and to a lesser extent Cloud Atlas, but one film that may play an interesting role this season is Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

With a screener of the film already in our hot little hands and the Blu-Ray hitting store shelves in just a couple of weeks,we could be looking at a resurgence of interest in Nolan's blockbuster hit. But will it be enough to take home any gold outside of just the technical categories? That I'm not so sure of, but if there were Oscars to be given out for marketing then The Dark Knight Rises would have to be one of the frontrunners.

Trailer Park Inc., who had a hand in Warner Bros.' advertising campaign, have dropped three posters for the film that were never used. They're actually really cool, with two of them using the familiar "Rise" motif. The other focuses on the word "Fear" and appears to be more conceptual. I wish we could've seen more of it.

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray arrives on December 4th. Order your copy here!