The Sunday Drive 11/18/12

3. Wreck-It Ralph
Disney proves it doesn't have to be "Game Over" for original, inventive, and downright fun animated features. Starring one of their most memorable protagonists in a unique video game inspired world, Wreck-It Ralph is perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike.

2. Silver Linings Playbook
A manic and unconventional romantic comedy, David O. Russell's eccentric direction inspires career best performances from Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.
1. Skyfall
The best Bond ever. Period. While nearly all James Bond flicks are thrilling in their own way, Skyfall takes Ian Fleming's secret agent into dark corners he's never dared walk, facing a challenge more personal than ever in his long history.

DVD Pick of the Week: 2 Days in New York
A light and winsome culture-clash comedy, Julie Delpy follows up her 2 Days in Paris with a far superior, more intelligent film aided by a surprising performance by Chris Rock.