Pixar unveils spirited new 'Monsters University' poster

Back in August, Billy Crystal teased a Revenge of the Nerds-style rivalry between buddies Mike and Sully in Monsters University, a prequel that takes us back to their frat-monster days in college. No panty raids and drunken go-kart races, I imagine? Then again this is Pixar and they have probably found a clever way of including both of those things into the story, which is a prequel showing that the two weren't always the best buds we came to know and love in Monsters, Inc.

They look positively chummy on the new poster for the film, which has them both decked out in their school colors. In particular I love those coursebooks Mike is standing atop, and can see some super-duper Blu-Ray package in the future including one or two of them. Those school jackets would probably do gangbusters at the Disney Store, too.

Enroll in Monsters University when it opens on June 21st 2013.