Paul Rudd admires Megan Fox's cleavage in new clip from 'This is 40'

It's all but impossible to have Megan Fox in a movie and not have her body become the center of attention. Michael Bay couldn't keep his camera off of her. There was an entire movie, a horror no less, based on her bod's amazing assets. This year we've seen that trend continue, albeit as more of a personification of youth and vitality than as a mere object of lust. She was excellent in this role in the underrated comedy Friends with Kids, and in Judd Apatow's This is 40 she seems to be in much the same position.

Fox plays a character named Desi, who works alongside Pete(Paul Rudd) and obviously has caught the attention of him and his buddy, played by the awesome Robert Smigel. The latest clip from the film shows the two guys admiring Desi in plain view of his wife Debbie(Leslie Mann) and her friend(Annie Mumolo). But is Debbie concerned about it? Eh, not really. Although we do know she'll come to grow quite interested in how spectacular Desi's breasts are. 

This is 40 opens on December 21st. Check out the clip below, followed by the red band featurette where Debbie feels up Desi's cleavage....[AMC]