Intriguing new trailer for 'Mobius' starring Jean Dujardin and Tim Roth

When we first learned about Mobius, the upcoming thriller from French filmmaker Eric Rochant(Love Without Pity), what made it so interesting was that it would star Jean Dujardin, who we were all justifiably in love with after The Artist. But the film's plot didn't sound like anything all that special, with Dujardin playing a spy(but not like the one he played in the OSS 117 flicks) tracking down a Russian oligarch accused of money laundering. Now we're getting our first look at the trailer, and it's either one of the most promising films of next year or a great big swerve.

Biting off the Christopher Nolan/Hans Zimmer playbook, the very Inception-esque trailer features a booming score and an ominous explanation of what a "mobius strip" is.  But once you get past the suspenseful way in which the footage is edited, there's actually not a whole lot going on here. This is a financial world thriller at its core, and I think we'll need to see a more complete trailer before judging this as some sort of innovative future hit like many are. Still, it's hard not to be intrigued any time Dujardin tackles something new, and the supporting cast of Tim Roth and Cecile de France is definitely strong.

Mobius opens in France on February 27th, and hopefully will find its way stateside soon after.