Werner Herzog to direct school shooting satire 'Vernon God Little'

Few can find the humor in extremely touchy subject matter better than Werner Herzog, seen primarily in his numerous documentaries. But I think he actually does a more impressive job walking the tightrope between black comedy and tragedy in his narrative features, and now we're about to see him try and find that balance yet again.

Variety reports that Herzog's next project will be an adaptation of Vernon God Little, based on the satirical novel by DBC Pierre. The story is especially relevant considering the current rash of gun violence in this country, centering on the titular student who is accused of being an accomplice after his best friend kills 16 people in a high school shooting. With the townsfolk looking for someone to blame, Vernon hightails it for Mexico. The script will be written by Andrew Birkin(Perfume).

There's no word on when this will roll, but if it's his next film that could spell doom for Queen of the Desert, his Gertrude Bell biopic with Naomi Watts and Robert Pattinson that was supposed to shoot this fall.