Watch the thrilling 1st clip from 'Skyfall'; plus hear Adele's Bond theme song in full

When was the last time you were truly excited for a James Bond movie? Was it back when Daniel Craig debuted in Casino Royale? For many, that's probably going to be the answer, but the franchise has been around for 50 years and for the most part the movies aren't all that dissimilar. As we inch closer to the premier of Skyfall, the 23rd film in the series, I think there is more genuine excitement now than ever before thanks to the high profile casting, the unusual pick of Sam Mendes as director, and the promise of the biggest action yet.

Certainly the first clip is everything a Bond fan could want, as we see the iconic secret agent chasing down a bad guy(Ola Rapace) on a train. This being Bond where nothing is ever quite so cut 'n dried, he's using a digger to rip the train apart in the process. Nice, and I love how Bond somehow maintains his composure after all that chaos. It's a brief, fast paced clip that also gives a look at Naomie Harris as Eve. Pretty much the perfect bit of footage to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 007.

After you're done watching the clip, you can also listen to Adele's new theme song for the film, which I think captures the classic feel that Skyfall is clearly aiming for. Bond's theme music has been a little nondescript for awhile, so it's good to have one that actually stands out.  Skyfall opens on November 9th....