Punch Drunk DVD's

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:
Never has there been a movie that would review itself with it's title alone. Then comes AL: VH, which I use as the title because I'm lazy and don't want to type the whole thing. Basically it goes like this, if you see that title and think "Awesome! I would love to see the bearded one slaying some bloodsuckers!" than you need to buy this. If, on the other hand, the title makes you think "That's stupid, I can't believe anyone would see such cinematic shenanigans", well than you should rethink how you talk because I don't know anyone who would say cinematic shenanigans, also you won't like the movie.


Magic Mike:
What a perfect trade-off of DVD releases this weekend. Guys can check out Abe Lincoln just by saying "Hunny, we'll watch Magic Mike afterwards!". The ultimate girls night out movie of the summer is coming home for all! This one is pretty self explanatory as well, though I don't think it really warrants a purchase for normal viewing purposes. (Note to guys: Don't worry about watching it with your girl...yeah it's mostly Channing Tatum making you feel bad for skipping the gym, but there's a little treat there for us too....Olivia Munn drops her top!)


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World:
The film that sees Keira Knightley return to the big screen as a character from this century, Seeking a Friend..., was universally enjoyed here at the PDC and definitely deserves a rent from you! A story about two people facing an impending world disaster try to find there way through it all and end up finding a little more than they were looking for. Steve Carell, as usual, delivers.