First photos of Michael Cera and Emily Browning in 'Magic Magic'

Those who have been clamoring for Michael Cera to stop playing the whimpy puppy dog in all his flicks probably took notice when he signed on for Magic Magic last year. Even more than Youth in Revolt turned out to be, the psychological thriller from writer/director Sebastian Silva(The Maid) promised to something very different for him. Now as the film is set to be shopped around the American Film Market next month we're getting some first photos that show just how different it's going to be.

Featuring a great cast that includes Catalina Sandino Moreno(Maria Full of Grace), Emily Browning(Sucker Punch), and Juno Temple(The Dark Knight Rises), the story follows a girl named Alice(Temple) who will in Chile with her friends suddenly begins to lose her mind, seeing images only visible to her. When her best friend(Browning) suddenly has to depart for Santiago, Alice is left alone with strangers and her condition begins to worsen. Nobody believes her until things have gotten worse and completely out of control.

STYD has the film as untitled for now, which isn't surprising, but we'll run with the original title until that changes. I've been excited over Magic Magic for a long time, and these shots only have me more interested. Hopefully it'll turn up on the festival circuit early next year. Check out the rest of the images below....[AFM]