'Reno 911' creator to direct that 'Baywatch' movie you've always wanted

Baywatch has been the target of ridicule pretty consistently since it started back in 1989, and even now that it's been gone for over a decade it's still the butt of jokes. Single-handedly responsible for keeping "The Hoff" David Hasselhoff in the public eye far longer than he deserves, Baywatch is probably best known for hot chicks in now-iconic red bathing suits, hot chicks slow motion running along sandy beaches, and Pamela Anderson while she was still a hot chick. The show was an international hit for some weird reason, and Paramount has been trying forever to get a feature film off the ground. Well now they've made the most significant step towards it happening.

Robert Ben Garant, creator of the awesome Comedy Central cop show Reno 911, has been brought on to direct the Baywatch flick nobody in their right mind was asking for. Who wants this? Nicole Eggert? Peter Tolan wrote the last draft of the script, but Garant is also a semi-accomplished screenwriter having written the Night at the Museum flicks and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Remember that turd?  Garant last directed the underrated Reno 911: Miami(featuring a great Dwayne Johnson cameo) and the horrible Balls of Fury.

Even if all those old rumors of Justin Timberlake circling the lead role turn out to be true, a Baywatch movie is still a bad idea.   Garant's a solid enough filmmaker, but not even he can make Baywatch interesting unless it decides to be a total parody.[Vulture]