Paul W. S. Anderson to direct Capcom's 'Monster Hunter'?

Hard to believe that this weekend's Resident Evil: Retribution will mark the fifth of Paul W. S. Anderson's flicks, and a decade since they began. A spinoff of Capcom's wildly popular, long-running horror video game series, I think people looked at the movies initially as something that would fade away quietly like all other such adaptations had done. Obviously that didn't happen, and while it can be argued just how much the RE movies make any sense at this point, they are without a doubt the most successful video game adaptations ever, not particularly expensive to produce and a minimum $150M box office a lock.

With series star and Anderson's leggy wife Milla Jojovich revealing that the franchise would end with the sixth film, the search is on for something equally lucrative to take its place. In a conversation with Japanese site, Cinema Today(translated via Google), Anderson revealed he wants to stick with Capcom and bring their Monster Hunter games to the big screen. The company has justifiably put all their faith in Anderson to do pretty much whatever he wants, and the direct admitted to falling in love with the action RPG games, and is now in the planning stages of development.

Monster Hunter began on the PS2 back in 2004, and as the title suggests it follows a newbie hunter who must complete quests given to him by a village elder. These tasks mainly include tracking and hunting specific creatures, with the goal sometimes to kill and other times just to capture. The game has been spun into a media empire all its own, with numerous sequels, anime films and manga.

Of course this sounds like something that could easily be built for Jojovich to take over, so we can see her shoot an arrow through a brontosaurus' neck in slow-motion ad nauseum. No word on when this could start, but I'm guessing we'll hear more about it soon.