New trailer for horror sequel 'The Collection'

Originally conceived as a Saw prequel, 2009's The Collector came and went with little attention, but I personally found it to be an intense home invasion thriller. It took some of the better elements from the Saw franchise, such as the cleverly designed death traps, without straying too far into torture porn territory. Despite a paltry $9M box office haul, The Collector's story isn't done yet, and we're getting the first trailer for the sequel, The Collection.

Unfortunately, it looks like director and co-writer Marcus Dunstan has decided to bite off the Saw franchise completely, as the Collector has gone full blown Jigsaw by abducting his victims and abandoning them in his own private maze of death. Josh Stewart is back as Arkin, the would-be robber who escaped the Collector's schemes last time, but now is forced to join a mercenary team in rescuing a wealthy man's daughter from the killer's grip. Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald, and Lee Tergesen co-star.

Co-written by Saw series scribe Patrick Melton, The Collection will make its debut this weekend at Fantastic Fest before hitting theaters on November 30th....