New poster and action-packed clip for Jackie Chan's 'Chinese Zodiac'

At this year's Comic-Con I attended Jack Chan's panel where he discussed his latest film, Chinese Zodiac. A sequel to 1991's Operation Condor, the film cost a small fortune to produce, which is fitting considering it's likely to be Chan's swansong as an all-out action star. He'll still make movies, but they'll likely be more of The Karate Kid variety, or possibly even The Expendables which he expressed a desire to be a part of.

A new poster has been released for Chinese Zodiac, which has Chan back in the guise of Asian Hawk who must bring back the 12 statue heads of the Chinese zodiac animals, which were stolen way back in the 19th century. Chan seemed totally excited for the film, and if you take a look at this clip from last month you'll see why. At 58 years old, Chan is still pushing his body to the ultimate limit to entertain his fans, and this stunt he's pulling off might be one of the craziest yet. The suit he's wearing he actually brought up on stage with him to demonstrate, and it's pretty high-tech.

Chan's recent movies haven't been so great, but this looks pretty awesome. Chinese Zodiac has staked out a December 12th release date. Check out that clip below....[Twitch]