Bruce Willis set to star in 'American Assassin'

Rapidly approaching the ripe old age of 60, Bruce Willis has become an actor that's extremely hard to peg. This year has been an incredibly busy one, but a total mixed bag of straight-to-DVD crap like Fire with Fire opposite 50 Cent, and what looks like it should be straight-to-DVD crap with this week's The Cold Light of Day. But he's also given us a couple of gems like his totally indulgent appearance in The Expendables 2 and Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Later this month he'll get to beat the snot out of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper, a film many are looking at as one of the year's best.

Never slowing down even for a moment, Willis is already lining up his next project after he finished up with A Good Day to Die Hard. Variety reports Willis is in talks for a leading role in American Assassin, an adaptation of Vince Flynn's novel and part of his popular series following CIA agent Mitch Rapp. Written by Mike Finch and directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff(Traitor), the story follows Rapp, a gifted college student and athlete, who is recruited into the agency after a terrorist attack hits close to home. Willis would play Rapp's mentor.

The plan is to turn this into a potential franchise, and obviously having someone like Willis on board goes a long way into making that a reality. Filming on American Assassin begins next year.