1st footage from Park Chan-Wook's 'Stoker' with Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman

More Park Chan-Wook please! The South Korean director famous for his famed Vengeance Trilogy has been all over the place lately, and that is undoubtedly a good thing. Spike Lee is currently developing a remake of his revenge classic, Oldboy. This past month has seen him sign on for two projects which will keep him in Hollywood for at least a couple of years, but it has been an excruciating wait for his English-language debut, the dark thriller Stoker. Now we're finally getting a look at some footage of it, and despite the presence of Entertainment Tonight's grating hosts talking over it, this looks like chilling stuff.

With a pervasive dread and foreboding similar to Chan-Wook's Thirst, Stoker stars Mia Wasikowska as an eccentric teen dealing with the recent death of her father. Matthew Goode(A Single Man) plays her charismatic and mysterious uncle who shows up out of nowhere, and Nicole Kidman as her mother who seems to be harboring some old grudges about something. When people start disappearing in their neighborhood, India begins to suspect her uncle as the culprit, and I'm guessing she's probably right. The script comes from Wentworth Miller(Prison Break), with Jacki Weaver, Alden Ehrenreich, Lucas Till, and Dermot Mulroney making up an impressive supporting cast.

Can we get this film right now? We'll have to wait until March 1st 2013 to see if Stoker can live up to the expectations.....[TheFilmStage]