Sure Shots: Sacha Baron Cohen; Jennifer Lawrence; George Nolfi

* The Dictator may not have been Sacha Baron Cohen's biggest hit, but the political comedy did well enough to convince Paramount Pictures to stay in the Cohen business. You might recall around 2008 there was talk of Cohen and Will Ferrell teaming up on a Judd Apatow-produced Sherlock Holmes film. That never came to pass, but it makes me wonder if  Cohen is taking elements of that for his next film, a pitch he has sold to the studio for a spy comedy, in which a secret agent must team up with his moronic long-lost brother, who turns out to be some sort of soccer hooligan. Cohen and Phil Johnston(Wreck-It-Ralph) came up with the pitch, but right now there's no word if Cohen will act in it. Of course he will, though, likely playing one or both of the brothers. It's being looked at as something of a James Bond parody, which to me screams Cohen making fun of our friends across the pond, and likely mixing in some of his trademark political jabs as well. [Variety]

* The Weinstein Company loves them some Jennifer Lawrence, and who can really blame them? She's already the head of two mega-blockbusters, and has David O. Russell's The Silver Linings Playbook on the way in a few months. Now the studio has picked up the rights to The End of the Earth, a romantic drama based on the true story of Lydie Marland and her adopted father, oil tycoon Ernest Marland. When Ernest's wife passed away, he had the adoption annulled and married the then 28-year Lydie, leading to much controversy and business turmoil. Chris Terrio(Argo) wrote the script, and a summer 2013 start date is being looked at, which would just fit into Lawrence's busy schedule. I smell Oscar all over this one.

* I'm a big fan of George Nolfi, both for his work on The Bourne Ultimatum and The Adjustment Bureau, so I've been hoping he'd land something juicy to follow his hot streak. After missing out on the Captain America 2 directing gig, he's now taking on One Minute to Midnight, an adaptation of Michael Dobbs' book about just how close how we came to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Excuse me, but I prefer my historical nuclear war flicks to involve high flying super-powered mutants, thank you. [THR]