'Rise of the Guardians' receives six new character posters

With Pixar's Brave hitting theaters in just a few days, and Disney tapping into our inner video game geek with Wreck-It-Ralph, Dreamworks has found it tough to gain any attention for the promising Rise of the Guardians. The trailer landed back in March, and I thought it was mighty impressive, especially in the handling of fairy tale and mythological icons we're used to seeing played up for laughs, or in the case of a movie like Hop, for the exact opposite of laughs.

Dreamworks has released six new posters, each featuring a different member of the legendary team put together to battle the evil spirit known as Pitch. who plans to shroud the world in darkness. Hugh Jackman voices the Easter Bunny; Chris Pine is Jack Frost; Isla Fisher is the Tooth Fairy; Alec Baldwin is Santa Claus; with Jude Law voicing Pitch, the Nightmare King. Dakota Goyo(Real Steel) voices Jamie, a little boy who doesn't believe the Guardians exist. The character designs are all unlike any interpretations we've seen before, and I especially love the savage look of the Easter Bunny.

Author William Joyce co-directed and wrote the script, based on his Guardians of Childhood novels. It's a long way until the November 21st release, so maybe Dreamworks has a big marketing campaign up their sleeve. Check out the new posters below....[Den of Geek]