Watch a wonderful new clip from 'Safety Not Guaranteed', with Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass

"I was not as impressive as I am now, I can assure you." So says Kenneth Calloway(Mark Duplass), the deadly serious, survivalist/grocery store clerk/action hero at the heart of Safety Not Guaranteed, a charming and engaging new sci-fi/comedy that I simply fell in love with at Sundance. Aubrey Plaza gives what I think will be her breakout performance as a newspaper journalist investigating a personal ad looking for someone to travel back in time with. It's then that she meets Kenneth, and despite his paranoia and gruff demeanor, the two become more than just allies in his grand adventure.

With the film due to open on June 8th, a new clip of a pivotal scene has been released. In it, we see Kenneth reliving a tale from his childhood, and Duplass gets just right Kenneth's obvious hesitation at leaving himself so emotionally vulnerable. Plaza, who is best known for her dry wit and snark, is about as sweet as you'll ever see her.

My hope is that people won't forget Safety Not Guaranteed is out there this summer, and that when the lights come up on Prometheus(due out the same day), they'll take time out to see this next.  Check out the new clip below, and then take a peek at my review here...[Popsugar]