Trailer Time: Disney's 'Arjun: The Warrior Prince'

It's easy to forget that Walt Disney doesn't just own companies here in the United States, they are one of the largest global presences in the media world. We've been so caught up in their acquisition of Marvel Comics(how's that workin' out??) that one of their lesser buys has flown under the radar. Disney bought UTV Software Communications, an India based company that has had a hand in a number of Bollywood features and live-action American films like The Namesake and I Think I Love My Wife. Their next film, Arjun: The Warrior Prince, is an animated feature that Disney will be distributing, and it looks pretty darn good if you ask me.

Arjun is considered the greatest warrior on the planet and one of the most important heroes of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. He is a peerless archer, an ambidextrous fighter with the nickname of "the unbeatable". The film will detail his untold journey from youth to becoming the legendary warrior he would eventually turn out to be. Looking at the newly released trailer for the film, it has touches of Disney's old school hand drawn style, but it's most similar to Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt. That film had its share of issues, but it looked beautiful, and a lot of Arjun does as well. Here's hoping Disney slaps some English subtitles on it and brings it to our doorstep as well.

Arjun: The Warrior Prince opens in India on May 25th. Check out the trailer below....[BleedingCool]