Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia join indie romance, 'Admissions'

The beauty of Vera Farmiga, besides her hypnotic ocean blue eyes, is that she puts just as much of herself into supporting turns as when a leading lady. Last year saw her co-starring with Jake Gyllenhaal in the sci-fi actioner, Source Code, and making a strong directorial debut with Higher Ground. After another supporting bit in Safe House, Farmiga is now back in a lead role, joining Andy Garcia in the indie romance, Admissions.

Adam Rogers will direct and co-write the script with Glenn German, focusing on a "once in a lifetime relationship that develops between two strangers over the course of a single day". Oh, it's one of those movies. Farmiga plays a free-spirited mom taking her daughter on a walking tour of a small college. Garcia, who is also producing the film, plays a buttoned up heart surgeon taking his son on the same tour. After both fail to connect with their kids in a comical fashion, the two parents decide to spend the rest of the afternoon together instead.

Farmiga just recently wrapped shooting of The Warren Files, the upcoming horror from James Wan. Garcia has been in small budget territory for awhile now, having recently starred in the acclaimed indie comedy, City Island. He'll be seen next in For Greater Glory, based on the Mexican Cristero War. [Deadline]