Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone wanted for 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' directors' con-man comedy, 'Focus'

After finding some success as writers with movies like Bad Santa and The Bad News Bears, Glenn Ficara and John Requa made their directorial debut with the John Carrey con-man comedy, I Love You Phillip Morris.  As well received as it was critically, they didn't make a genuine splash until they paired up Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for Crazy, Stupid Love, and now for their next film the directors don't want to stray too far from the winning formula.

With Warner Brothers picking up their script for Focus, a crime comedy the duo plan to direct, they want to reunite Gosling and Stone in the leads. The story follows a veteran grifter(Gosling) and a newcomer(Stone) who meet and get romantically involved, only to find the duplicitous nature of their business getting in the way. When they run into one another again in the future, they find the complications of their past association have long lasting effects.

This sounds perfect for the charming pair, but there are no offers on the table and talks haven't even begun. Basically we're talking a "wish list" sort of deal here, so this may never come about. Gosling and Stone will pair up again for Gangster Squad, which hopefully will open later this year. [Deadline]