New promo art from 'The Dark Knight Rises' shows Catwoman's assets

Does it seem as if The Dark Knight Rises has been taking a back seat lately? Well, that's a good thing, considering we were inundated with promo material for awhile there. I still haven't recovered and basically couldn't care less about the movie right now. It'll wear off and I'll be salivating by the time July 20th gets here, though.

The most recent news on Christopher Nolan's Bat flick is that it officially has a PG-13 rating, which should shock absolutely nobody. I'm actually surprised it was that strict, but now I see why some parents might want to keep an eye on junior if they take him to the movie.  A new promo image courtesy of Comingsoon features Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and...yep, that outfit hugs her curves quite nicely. *swoon*