Takashi Miike to direct live-action 'Aku no Kyoten'(Lesson of the Evil)

It's been a couple of weeks, which means prolific Japanese film maker Takashi Miike has probably finished three or four movies in that time. Actually he just completed his live-action version of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney video games, which was preceded by three others finished flicks in the last year and a half, including the awesome 13 Assassins. Now he's adding one more, an adaptation of Yusuke Kishi's best selling graphic novel, Aku no Kyoten better known as Lesson of the Evil.

Originally released in 2010 to great acclaim, the story follows Hasumi Seiji, a smiling and beloved high school teacher hiding that he is a really a psychopath. When various problems, such as bullying and poor behavior, begin to run rampant in the school, he decides the best way to handle it is to kill off his students one by one. Seiji will be played by Hideaki Ito, who last worked with Miike in Sukiyaki Western: Django, a western inspired by the works of Sergio Corbucci.

Filming is set to begin in April, with the plan to have it ready by August's Venice International Film Festival. A Japanese release date is set for November, and hopefully this will crossover enough to at least get a limited run on our shores.  [Eiga]