Miles Teller, Bryan Cranston, and Anna Kendrick confirmed for Dylan Kidd's 'Get A Job'

Well this is how you make a comeback, folks. Dylan Kidd, who hit it big in 2002 with Roger Dodger but hasn't made a film since 2004, is returning in a big way with Get A Job. Last month when we first learned about it, Kidd wanted a number of actors to star in the comedy, about a bunch of college grads who discover that life(specifically the job market) wasn't all they'd hoped it to be. Miles Teller, recently of Project X and Footloose, was set to take the lead. Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bryan Cranston, and Jay Pharoah were mentioned as well.

Turns out not only did he get all of what he wished for, but he also added Alison Brie(Community), Nicholas Braun(Red State) and the hilarious Brandon T. Jackson(Tropic Thunder). CBS Films has confirmed all of the signings, and we also know a bit more about who they'll all be playing. Teller is Will Davis who struggles in an entry level job before finding his true calling. Kendrick is his type-A girlfriend, with Cranston as Will's father who is looking for a job the same time as his son. Braun, Mintz-Plasse, and Jackson are his best friends, with Brie as one of the group's witty co-workers. Pharoah will play Skeezy-D, who starts a recession-proof business. Is it as a rapper with a name like that? Or a porn star?

Last we'd heard there was a chance Jesse Eisenberg, who got his big break in Roger Dodger, would show up for a cameo. No word on that yet, but it'd be pretty sick if he could show up as the same character. To be honest, the guy he played pretty much set the tone for the nervous introverted role Eisenberg has been saddled with ever since. Filming on Get A Job begins next week, so I'm hoping to see this at next year's Sundance maybe?