Watch Honda's 'Ferris Bueller' Super Bowl ad, 'Matthew's Day Off'

We're less than a week Super Bowl Sunday, where they'll try to somehow cram in a four hour football game in between about a thousand newly minted commercials, movie trailers, and TV spots. There are plenty of people I know who don't even watch for the game, but just to see how creative the new ads are gonna be.  They're going to be have a tough time beating this one from Honda, promoting the release of their new 2012 CR-V. Titled "Matthew's Day Off", the spot features Matthew Broderick in an obvious homage to his iconic Ferris Bueller character, faking sick to get out of an acting job and then running wild on the streets.  It's a pretty sweet spot, although part of me thinks it may just be a precursor to a possible Ferris Bueller remake or sequel. Call it a hunch. Check it out for yourself below, and for a more thorough look at all the Ferris Bueller references hidden in the background, check out Cinemablend's great story....