New Line hires director for that 'Police Academy' remake nobody wants

I'm trying to figure out where a company like New Line gets the idea that a Police Academy remake...relaunch...whatever, is a good idea. Are people sending them letters demanding it? And if so, are they signed 'S. Guttenberg' and 'M. Winslow'? Because I don't know anybody who wants to see those dated, unfunny movies dusted off for another go'round.  And yet here we are, with a director firmly in place.

The man to take this on actually seems to be the perfect fit. Scott Zabielski, a director on the drop dead overrated Tosh .0 Comedy Central series, has won the gig. Besides his comedy experience, part of the reason he may have won the job is that he's actually been through law enforcement training and currently is a reserve officer in West Hollywood. Are they trying to go for some level of authenticity here? That would be friggin' stupid. It's Police Academy, not Hill Street Blues. A huge hit in the 1980s, Police Academy also spawned two television series, one of which was animated.

To be fair, I liked the first few Police Academy movies, but I was seven years old at the time. The series of seven(!!!) flicks followed a clownish group of police cadets who stumbled their way into solving major crimes. The regular cast featured some pretty major stars, including Sharon Stone, Kim Cattrall, Bobcat Goldthwait, Michael Winslow, and Bubba Smith. Steve Guttenberg was the franchise's unquestioned star, featuring in four of the seven movies. Considering our vaunted 'Guttenberg movie rating scale', this might be the best chance for us to finally get an interview with the guy. So I say "bring it on!!" [Deadline]