Tops at the Box Office: Breaking Dawn bleeds us dry with $140M weekend

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 1- $139.5M
When Friday's estimates surpassed the $70M mark, it was obvious that the luster hadn't yet faded off Twilight, despite three movies proving to us they weren't going to get any better or more meaningful. Stephanie Meyer's squeaky clean pro-life parable(even if the baby's a blood sucking monster, 'natch!) steamrolled happy penguins and George Clooney to a massive opening weekend, one which promises to only get bigger next year when the final chapter premieres. That is if we go by the Harry Potter model, which also broke up it's final novel into two separate films. Part 1 of Deathly Hallows opened at roughly $120M, while part 2 at about $170M. As it stands, Breaking Dawn is just a shade under the debut haul of New Moon's $142M. Worldwide it proved to be an even mightier presence, clearing $280M+.

2. Happy Feet Two- $22M
Well, I'd like to say that America finally has jumped off the overrated penguin bandwagon, and have turned their attention to cooler animals, like Ligers or something(word to Napoleon Dynamite). But no, this is a case of the CGI family film about the dancing birds being poorly scheduled against a juggernaut like Breaking Dawn.  Coming in at roughly half the opening weekend of 2006's Happy Feet, the sequel is going to struggle to make up it's $130M budget, at least domestically.
3. Immortals- $12.25M/$53M
I dig Relativity's 2nd week marketing push to try and steal some of Twilight's thunder by appealing to guys' need for bare chests and bloody sword fights. But trust me, no guy wants to "prepare for war" against their significant others by skipping out on Bella's nuptials in favor of watching Henry Cavill sweat. And that's why Tarsem Singh's swords 'n sandals flick suffered a hefty 62% skid.  Nice try, though.
4. Jack and Jill- $12M/$41M
Damn you, America. Have you learned nothing?
5. Puss in Boots- $10.7M/$122.3M
6. Tower Heist- $7M/$53.4M
7. J. Edgar- $5.9M/$20.7M
Believe it or not, Clint Eastwood's Hoover biopic still hasn't cracked 2000 screens yet, but is pulling in respectable numbers so far.
8. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas- $2.9M/$28.3M
9. In Time- $1.6M/$33M
10. The Descendants- $1.2M
Cracking the top 10 while only at 29 screens is The Descendants, which is looking like it may be the indie sleeper hit of the holiday season. With Oscar heat backing the film and star George Clooney, it earned roughly $38,000 per site.