Live action Akira fan made poster features Garrett Hedlund as Kaneda

Ugh. I got low expectations for Warner Brothers' live-action remake of the anime/manga classic, Akira, but I certainly hope it doesn't turn out looking like this new piece of fan art. Using Photoshop, the image shows the film's boring star, Garrett Hedlund, in the lead role of Kaneda, leader of a rebellious biker gang who takes on the government in an effort to save his best friend, Tetsuo. The poster has a Dragonball: Evolution look that I don't think anybody would be happy about.

With the budget hovering around $90M and direct Jaume Collet-Serra(Unknown) behind the camera, Akira looks to finally be rounding into shape after a disastrous casting process. A number of names are in contention for the role of the out-of-control telekinetic, Tetsuo, including Alden Ehrenreich, Michael Pitt, and Paul Dano. Ken Watanabe has been offered the role of The Colonel, while Helena Bonham Carter is still considering playing Lady Miyako.  Their biggest hope for a big name comes in whether or not Kristen Stewart will accept playing Kaneda's love interest, Ky Reed.