High Res images from The Dark Knight Rises

To be perfectly honest, my excitement for The Dark Knight Rises is starting to wane just a little bit. I'm getting pretty bored of seeing the same old images of Bane and Batman, most of which we've seen already in various set photos. I'll probably perk back up when the next trailer comes out in a couple of weeks.

Just a couple of days ago we got a handful of new images from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, and now we have them in crisp and clear high-res, courtesy of ComicBookMovie. The issue also had Christopher Nolan revealing the timeline for the film, as well as giving us a brief description of the planned 6-minute preview we'll be seeing next month. The story notes that the preview, previously thought to be attached to early IMAX showings of Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol on December 16th, will now begin on the nationwide roll out on December 21st. Don't be surprised if more info on this hits in the coming days, as Warner Brothers is being particularly sportive for some reason. For now, check out those high-res shots below...