Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba to return for Sin City 2?

The six year long tease that has been Sin City 2 finally appears to be coming to an end, with the addition of William Monahan(The Departed) doing some fine tuning on Frank Miller's script. Robert Rodriguez recently stated that shooting could begin as soon as the end of the year, which always seemed a little optimistic to me, considering the number of actors that needed to have their schedules synced up. For one, Mickey Rourke has been a little reluctant to come back to play the hulking brute, Marv, an integral character in a number of Sin City's multiple arcs. Speaking recently to MTV, Miller provided a brief update that would appear to hint at Rourke's potential return, as well as that of Jessica Alba...

Miller: 'Sin City' number two is primarily an adaptation of the book 'A Dame to Kill For'," Miller reiterated, then adding: "It also features the short story, 'Just Another Saturday Night' and two new stories. One involving Jessica Alba's character, Nancy Callahan, that I came up with for the movie in order to tie things together and make it be more united with the first."
Just Another Saturday Night was a special story Miller wrote and made available on a limited basis. It tells the story of what Marv was doing the night Nancy(Alba) and John Hartigan(Bruce Willis) dealt with the events detailed in That Yellow Bastard, one of the last film's main storylines. Nancy and Marv are also featured characters in A Dame to Kill For, so it's assumed Alba will return, and the possibility exists for Rourke as well. Although considering the heavy make-up needed for the Marv character, he could always be recast.

So basically this sequel will encompass four stories. A Dame to Kill For is the main storyline. Just another Saturday Night is another, and then there are two new stories, one which we already know is titled The Long, Bad Night. Miller added that shooting may not actually begin until spring of 2012, which sounds more realistic.