I Am Number Four star to play Uriel in Paradise Lost

Being the soulless heathen that I am, news of all these movies based on the Bible don't mean much to me. Most turn out to be boring anyway. Or they put me in awkward positions, like when I saw The Passion of the Christ and the guy next to me kept crying and looking at me to see if I too was moved. I wasn't. So if you're going to toss God and a bunch of angels into a film then do it the way Alex Proyas(Knowing) is, by making it a huge special effects spectacle chronicling a heavenly war between good and evil. Now you've got my attention.

Proyas is deep into the casting of Paradise Lost, his adaptation of John Milton's 17th century poem about the fall of man and God's war against the forces of Satan. Bradley Cooper is set to play Lucifer, Djimon Hounsou as the archangel Abdiel, Benjamin Walker is the angel Michael, Casey Affleck as Gabriel, with Diego Boneta(Rock of Ages) and Camilla Belle circling the roles of Adam and Eve.

Variety reports that Callan McAuliffe has joined the cast as Uriel, one of Michael's supporters in the fight against Lucifer. Uriel is referred to as the "eyes of God", but is also responsible for steering Satan towards the newly created earth.  McAuliffe recently starred in the Rob Reiner coming of age film, Flipped, and was seen earlier this year in I Am Number Four. He's currently in Autralia shooting The Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo Dicaprio.