Antoine Fuqua replaces Philip Noyce as director of Hunter Killer

What's the point of being one of Hollywood's most sought after filmmakers if none of your projects ever gets made? That's what's happening to Antoine Fuqua(Brooklyn's Finest) right now, as everything he puts his name to either sits in limbo or falls apart. The director has no less than six(!!??) films he's atached to already, and yet there's still room for one more. At least this one gives the appearance of actually shooting.

After Philip Noyce(Salt) dropped out of directing Hunter Killer last month, Relativity was left with a void to fill.  The vaguely Clancy-ish sounding film is based on a book by George Wallace, and deals with a submarine captain teaming up with a NAVY Seal to rescue the Russian president. The film already has a release date set for December 21st 2012, so this one is a definite go. Expect casting to begin almost immediately.

As for everything else Fuqua has on his plate? Well, his boxing film with Eminem got dropped by Fox, so that one may not ever happen. That Tupac biopic he's been nursing for what seems like forever has never gained any traction, and it never will until he finds someone to play the slain rapper. Good luck with that. It's been all quiet on the Afterburn front, the action flick he's attached to with Gerard Butler. Nor has there been any movement on his Chinese historical epic(seriously), The Tomb(possibly with Arnold Schwarzenegger), or heist film Storming Las Vegas. And now with Hunter Killer taking up his time don't expect to see or hear much on any of these for quite awhile. [Variety]