Butts get chomped in new clip from Shark Night 3D

I'm all for more movies with vicious, dagger toothed fish decimating hordes of innocent beach goers. But if that's going to be the case, I'd much prefer it be the very hard R rated Piranha flicks. For a reason why, you only need to check out this first clip from Shark Night 3D, in which we almost see some lady's perfect rump get devoured. Almost...

Like I said, almost. If you're going to make a film like this, that nobody is going to take seriously anyway, why not have as much fun as possible? Why give us PG-13 crap?  Make it gory, violent, and silly all at the same time? It's not like director David R. Ellis can't pull something like that off. He is the guy behind Snakes on a Plane and The Final Destination, afterall. 

Shark Night 3D stars Sara Paxton(no that's not her ass, unfortunately) and Katherine McPhee. It'll swim into theaters on September 2nd.