1st look teaser trailer from The Hunger Games

It's late, I'm tired, and I just watched more of the MTV Video Music Awards than I have in the last ten years. And all so I could get a glimpse at Gary Ross's adaptation of The Hunger Games. Was it worth losing a few extra minutes of beauty sleep over?

Not at all, in fact what we get is basically Katniss Everdeen(Jennifer Lawrence) racing through the forest setting of the bloody competition, showing off her archery skills while someone, presumably her best friend and hunting partner Gale Hawthorne(Liam Hemsworth) providing words of encouragement. She then stops to fire off her signature flaming arrow and torches the film's emblem, her shining mockingjay symbol.

This is a pretty straight forward sizzle reel, but it does give us a chance to see Ross's vision for the hunger games arena, and it's pretty faithful so far. With the March 23rd release date rapidly approaching, a bit of a letdown on this first clip was inevitable. But you can check it out for yourself below, courtesy of MTV...

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