Sure Shots: World War Z; Snow White and the Huntsman; Anna Kendrick joins End of Watch

* Ed Harris(The Way Back) and Matthew Fox(We Are Marshall) have entered talks to join Marc Forster's World War Z, an adaptation of Max Brooks' book about the ramifications of a global zombie war. No clue who they'll be playing just yet, but they become part of a cast that includes Brad Pitt, James Badge Dale, Mirielle Enos, and the newly added Julia Levy-Boeken(Road Trip: Beer Pong). [Deadline]

* The battle between Universal and Relativity over their dueling Snow White films appears to be over, with Relativity making the dumbass move of jumping their Tarsem Singh-directed film up more than six months in order to beat out Snow White and the Huntsman. A total jack move, in my opinion. Universal is wisely kicking back and fine tuning their film to make sure it's...y'know, good. And so they've decided to do a little tweaking by hiring hot writer Hossein Amini(Drive, 47 Ronin) to do some rewrites on the film. Whether that includes adding some sexual tension between stars Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart remains to be seen, but I'm betting it does. Snow White and the Huntsman is due out June 1st 2012. [Deadline]

* One of the things that consistently makes me smile is the development of Anna Kendrick into a bonafide star. The first time I saw her was in the little seen teen musical, Camp(one of my favorites and a must-watch), and she's only gotten better since. Variety reports she'll be starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and another personal fave, Michael Pena, in End of Watch. Natalie Martinez(Death Race) is also co-starring.The film was written and directed by David Ayer, and is another one of his gritty cop dramas focused on the LAPD. Ayer has fared better as a writer, having scripted both Dark Blue and Training Day. As a director his resume is less impressive, featuring Street Kings(blah) and Harsh Times(double blah). It doesn't sound like Kendrick or Martinez will have a lot to do, however, as they'll just be playing the love interests to the two dudes. Hmph.