Sure Shots: American Reunion; Wayne Kramer; Burt Wonderstone

* With pretty much every character returning for the "much asked for" return to the American Pie franchise titled American Reunion, the only roles left to fill are the lousy boyfriends and girlfriends who will be forgotten about halfway through the film. Three more such roles have been filled. Chuck Hittinger(Boogeyman 3) will be Marco, a bully who takes his girlfriend for granted. Ali Corbin will be a cute girl looking to lose her virginity(there's always one!). And Jay Harrington(Whatever It Takes) is the doctor boyfriend of Heather(Mena Suvari). American Reunion will open on April 6th 2012.

* I keep waiting for Wayne Kramer(The Cooler, Running Scared) to get hit the big time as a director after kicking off his career with those two great films. However bad choices(like Crossing Over) and "creative differences"(he left Sly Stallone's cop film, Headshot) seem to be standing in the way. His next project is one he seems to be personally invested in, as Deadline reports Kramer will write and direct Ecstasia, futuristic drama where love can only be stimulated through the use of an artificial drug. Sounds weird. Gattaca for pharmaceutical reps?

* Burt Wonderstone is a comedy I've been hearing about for damn near a year but have paid very little attention to even though it's had Steve Carell set to star in it for months. The chief reason was that it never seemed to be really moving forward, especially since it didn't have a director. Now that's changed, as Deadline reports that relatively unknown Don  Scardino(30 Rock, Hope & Faith) has landed the job. Horrible Bosses writers John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein penned the script, about an old school magician who gets upstaged by a fast rising upstart. I'm curious to see who would play the younger magician. Any chance for Carell's Crazy Stupid Love co-star Ryan Gosling? Maybe?