Trailer Time: That's What I Am, starring Ed Harris and Randy Orton

WWE Studios appears to be making a very deliberate move away from making bad slasher movies and stale actioners, choosing over the last couple of years to steer in the direction of more family friendly fare. They succeeded to some degree last year with the John Cena starring wrestling drama, Legendary, and now they're back in similar territory with That's What I Am

The film is set in the 1960s and stars Ed Harris as a teacher who takes a bullied student under his wing, but when rumors about the teacher start to fly he must take his own advice and take an active stand against prejudice and bigotry.  Amy Madigan, Molly Parker, and WWE Superstar Randy Orton round out an impressive cast.  I'm kinda digging the trailer, even if does appear to be a bit too earnest for it's own good.  I'm particularly curious to see how Orton performs here. He plays the father of the school bully who presumably is the one who starts all the vicious rumors. 

That's What I Am opens for a limited run on April 28th!