Viggo Mortensen to join Superman as General Zod?

Back in October, shortly after Zack Snyder was named as the director of Warner Brothers' next Superman flick, he told everybody that General Zod would not be a villain in the story.  At the time I questioned the validity of his comment since the script hadn't been close to completion yet. A few months later and we start hearing rumors of actresses being up for the role of Ursa, an evil Kryptonian and one of Zod's two primary colleagues. Pretty much told us that Zod would in fact be involved in some capacity. Now there's even more evidence to that fact, as THR reports that Snyder and Christopher Nolan are eyeing Viggo Mortensen(A History of Violence) for the role.

Labeled a "person of interest" like he's an accessory to a murder or something, Mortensen is considered to be at the same stage as Kevin Costner at this point in that both are wanted but not signed as of yet. Costner has been rumored to play Jonathan "Pa" Kent. With Mortensen already in talks for another big tentpole flick, Snow White and the Huntsman, it remains to be seen if he'll be able to tackle both.

Zod was most famous portrayed by Terrence Stamp in 1978's Superman: The Movie.