Twilight writer to pen Highlander relaunch

I almost forgot Summit Entertainment was prepping a reboot of the once popular Highlander franchise, which featured Christopher Lambert(and occasionally Sean Connery) as a member of an immortal race of beings destined to fight and kill eachother until only one remains. One of the reasons it slipped my mind is that it was way back in September of 2009 when we last heard anything about it, and that was when Justin Lin(Fast and Furious) was confirmed to direct.  At the time the script was being drafted by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway(Iron Man), but now that's changed, with Melissa Rosenberg reportedly close to signing a deal that would see her pen the adventures of the Clan MacLeod.

Rosenberg has been busy the last few years as the sole writer of all of the Twilight movies, and she'll be expected to help usher in a new franchise for Highlander as well. Justin Lin remains attached, with the plan to expand the Highlander mythos for a different audience. 

To be honest, the script for the majority of the Twilight flicks has been a major stumbling block, so I don't know if this is a good thing or not.  The only other movie she's written was Step Up, and that was....well...Step Up.  I'm sure a few of my Highlander lovin' buddies are not going to be pleased with these developments.