Trailer Time: Pizza Man, a superhero adventure starring Frankie Muniz and Shelley Long

Not every superhero is a gem. They can't all be cool like Iron Man or Wolverine. Such is the case with Pizza Man, which stars Frankie Muniz as a regular guy working at his mom's(Shelley Long) pizza restaurant. After an accident at a lab takes place, he's given a rare tomato(not kidding) which grants him superhuman powers. The film was directed by Joe Eckardt(Champion), and shot mostly in a Los Angeles factory. Again, not kidding.

Despite it's humble roots, Eckardt managed to snag a fun, eclectic cast. I don't think I've seen Shelley Long since Troop Beverly Hills. I didn't know Michael Gross(Family Ties) was still alive; and ex-WWE wrestlers Rowdy Roddy Piper and Diamond Dallas Page make cameos as villains. Sweet.  And of course Stan Lee makes his obligatory pep talk appearance. Must be written into his contract to show up in every comic book movie under the friggin' sun. Check out the trailer below...

I like Pizza Man's quirky Golden Age superhero origin, and it's got a cast that could be fun to watch for awhile. As of now there's no distribution secured, so who knows when we'll see it. Maybe by the time it comes out Frankie Muniz will actually look like a full grown adult male. Doubtful.