Tops at the Box Office

1. Gnomeo & Juliet- $14.2M/$75.1M
Consider this either a sign of the weakness of this week's slate of flicks or the positive buzz surrounding this animated, gnome-centric take on the Shakespeare classic. After three weeks of release, Gnomeo & Juliet surged ahead to the top spot, just beating out the Farrelly Brothers' latest comedy.
2. Hall Pass- $13.4M
A slow start to the Farrelly Brothers comedy, and roughly the same as their last film, 2007's The Heartbreak Kid which opened at $14M. 
3. Unknown- $12.4M/$42.8M

4. Just Go With It- $11.1M/$79.4M
5. I Am Number Four- $11M/$37.7M
6. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never- $9.2M/$62.8M
7. The King's Speech- $7.6M/$114.5M
The Oscar bump continues, up 17% from last week and an additional 300 screens!
8. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son- $7.5M/$28.6M
I went away last week just so I wouldnt have to see this flick on the chart, and yet here it remains!!
9. Drive Angry- $5.1M
The only other national release, Nicolas Cage's frantic actioner actually managed to do less business than last month's Season of the Witch($10.6M debut). Not even the benefit of increased 3D ticket pricing could save it.
10. The Roommate- $2.1M/$35.9M